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The prestige LAVA TAP generated through the years, the quality of our services and expertise we have gained, allow us to offer the best professional cleaning service.

Today we are the most recognized company in professional cleaning nationwide with an experience of over 55 years in the market, ensuring a highly professional service, because for us the most important thing is to look after the appearance of your business and the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that excellence is achieved only through continuous effort and that is our commitment to the future.

60 Years of Experience

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Our origins:


Founded in December 1958 by Mr. Bernardo Chico Mena, LAVA TAP emerges as a company dedicated to carpet and home furnishings.

Over the years and through the integration of a bigger and better human and technical team, our professional cleaning service was complemented. Since the 60's, national coverage and specialization of services was consolidated.

LAVA TAP is currently the leader in the industry and provides services to major corporations in the country.

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